The Galerie Galuchat workshop

The team

The Galerie Galuchat project was built by a French family. Our workshop benefits from the invaluable expertise and experience of Jean Perfettini, eminent shagreen expert and author of two books on this rare material. His contribution ensures state-of-the-art craftsmanship and infallible quality control. His son Raphaël Perfettini, grew up knowing and loving shagreen. An entrepreneur at an early age, he was the first to launch the project.

Our workshop

Galerie Galuchat cases are the product of skilled, painstaking work on the skins. Shagreen, much stiffer and tougher than, for example, cowhide, requires a whole series of operations before it is suitable for use. We monitor the entire manufacturing cycle, from preliminary prepping of the skins through to the final touches on the finished case. Now only a handful of craftsmen still master the secrets of fashioning this material for decorative purposes. Galerie Galuchat applies the same techniques used in the early 20th century to craft our cases today. With the craftsman's hand supervising and guiding each step in the process, our cases are unique works of art produced with impeccable quality.